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The process of removing light to moderate scratches from your clear coat.

When your vehicle has a lot of light to moderate scratches from car washes or wear and tear, you need more than the light paint correction we offer in the Beyond Excellent Detail above. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t really “fill in” scratches. You have to safely remove a little bit of the clear coat, down to the level of the scratches, this will create the appearance that the scratches have disappeared. This is a potentially dangerous task with an untrained professional, if they take off too much clear coat, you have to repaint. At Beyond Excellent Detailing, our professionals will safely remove as little clear coat as necessary to get rid of those pesky scratches.


Similar to the one step process offered in the Beyond Excellent Detail. We’ll use a one step paint correction, polish, and wax with a medium cut foam pad over the entire vehicle. More time is spent on the buffing and polishing, removing more of the defects than in the light version.

Sports Car


The two step correction uses a medium cut polish and pad, followed by a fine polish with a finishing pad. We've found this combination to bring maximum paint correction, gloss, and depth without paying for a full 4 step correction.

Front of Car
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