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beyond excellent services

At Beyond Excellent Detailing, we put the customer in the driver’s seat. We take the time to learn what concerns you have for your vehicle, assuring we address the areas that mean the most to you. We have popular detail packages you can choose from. If those don’t suit you, we can work together figuring out what would be best for you.

Silver Car

Detail packages

Sports Car

paint correction & PROTECTION

Protect your investment with a professional ceramic coating.

Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating packages

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent protective layer applied to your vehicles paint. More durable than any wax or synthetic paint sealants, we offer ceramic coatings that will protect your vehicle for up to 6.5 years, guaranteed!


Don't see what you're looking for above? Below are all other services we offer, feel free to build a detail around your specific needs.

Reach out if you have any questions!

Man Polishing Car
Pet Hair Removal $50+
Headlight Restoration $50+
Exterior Trim Restoration $40+
Engine Bay Detail $50+
Spot Stain Removal $40+
Our listed prices serve as starting points for our services. We may have to charge more for heavily neglected vehicles that will take us longer to bring up to our standards.
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