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A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent protective layer applied to your vehicles paint. More durable than any wax or synthetic paint sealants, ceramic coatings can protect your vehicle for up to 6.5 years! In that time, you wont have to wax your vehicle to keep it protected, just wash regularly.


With its high solid, high surface tension and low surface energy, not as much dirt, and other contaminates will stick to the extremely slick surface. Water will bead up and sheet off the paint creating a self cleaning hydrophobic effect. the durable, hard layer will also help drastically to minimize scratching, fading from the sun, and give your car a constant gloss and shine that you probably haven’t seen your car have yet. There is only one way to remove a coating, manually with abrasion (compounding or sanding). This is an investment similar to switching to synthetic oil, higher cost up front, but better performance and saves you money in the long run by not having to wax every 2-6 months. In fact, with proper maintenance, you won’t have to wax ever again!

Because this product is semi-permanent, we recommend getting the two-step paint correction before having us apply a coating. Once you apply a coating, whatever defects are under it will be locked in and amplified for up to 5 years. This is not a huge issue with a new paint job or well maintained paint, but we don’t recommend skipping some form of paint correction for most vehicles, even if you only get the one-step paint correction.


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